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Zhongshan College || Rainbow Social Work Service Center Winter Helping Doctors in Action

Views: 6     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-01-11      Origin: Nanjing Zhongshan Vocational and Technical College

Winter is the common season of diseases common to the elderly. The Rainbow Social Work Service Center in Gulou District, Nanjing integrates medical resources from all sides to provide medical services to community elders to reduce their risk of living at home, help the government to worry and fulfill social responsibilities.

Helping doctors keep us safe

This month, the center and the community health service center jointly launchedVisiting doctorHey, service number45People, cumulative service times200People times.The service content is centered around the measurement and recording of the elders’ basic vital signs, rehabilitation functional training, health assessment, and psychological and emotional counseling.Through the door-to-door medical services, the community elders felt the warmth of the cold. Through data collection, medical staff found that the general high blood pressure of the elders in winter increased, and the number of falls had an upward trend. Immediately after the case was reported, the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases were proposed individually.All were adopted.

Special events Promote health

The Center of United Medical Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences took a week-long health promotion and physiotherapy service; invited the medical team of Nanjing Ville Stomatological Hospital to carry outCaring for the happiness of the elderly and paying attention to oral healthActivities; Invite Nanjing Aier Eye Hospital to organize and carry outBenefit from the pupil line, care for the elderly eye healthActivities, cumulative services250People times.

Public lecture Prevent

Combining the situation of households to help medical practitioners to find out about special events, the center contacted the Jiangsu provincial organ hospital to carry out “Stroke Health Talks” for community elders.The system explained the principle of stroke, treatment methods, winter prevention methods and so on.Grandpa Zhang attending the lecture said:I have cerebrovascular disease, and now I am often dizzy during the cold days, especially at night. Now I know the effect of temperature on the disease and I turn the heater on when I go home.

It is understood that the Nanjing Gulou District Rainbow Social Work Service Center is2013year12Drum Tower District Bureau of Civil Affairs approved,Private non-corporate units registered by the Zhongshan Vocational and Technical College.The center insistsGovernment guidance, social participation, market operationsThe working mechanism is based on the community as a platform, the social service organization as a carrier, and professional social workers as support. It integrates the various social service needs of the community, undertakes the functions of social services transferred by the government, and establishes a one-stop community integration.Service Center.Every old person in the family is provided with thoughtful and orderly care. It truly enables every old person to enjoy a happy and comfortable old age life with high quality of life, physical and mental health, and good social communication skills.Strive to provide for the elderly in the communityAll-weather, all-round, whole processThe one-stop quality service, comprehensively upgrade the comprehensive service level for the elderly in the community, and open up a new home care and community service structure.



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