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Zhongmin Xinneng Wulian Co., Ltd. and Nanjing Soco Information Technology Co., Ltd. formally signed an agreement

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Zhongmin Xinneng Material Co., Ltd.

Zhongmin Xinneng Material Co., Ltd.(Abbreviated as "China Energy Alliance") is a service provider of the public service platform and integrated solution for the Energy IoT industry under the China Minh New Energy Investment Group.

China-Canada Energy Alliance is divided into three main business segments: Energy Management Information Service, Internet of Things Network, Service, and Internet of Things Mall. It is committed to building a more open, collaborative, and shared industrial ecosystem, and improving the technology research and industrialization of the Internet of Things., technical standards, financial services and other Internet e-commerce platforms, improve the public service support system for resource sharing and complementary advantages, use innovative models, cutting-edge technologies, and cooperation methods to build industrial ecosystems with partners at home and abroad to promote the world's green,Low-carbon, sustainable development creates a more comfortable and convenient life for people.

Zhongmin Xinneng Iolink Co., Ltd. and Socool Technology will carry out all-round cooperation in the wisdom and endowment of the elderly on the products and information solutions for the wisdom of the elderly, so as to jointly promote the business development of both parties.

Cooperation and exchange

On January 16, China Minxin Xinnenglian Co., Ltd. and Nanjing Socool Information Technology Co., Ltd. held a strategic signing ceremony.The two sides conducted in-depth exchanges on the company's business and cooperation direction, and realized all-round exchanges and cooperation in areas such as complementary benefits, mutual benefits, and common development in areas such as smart pension, market strategy, market expansion, solutions, and expertise.


The president of Zhongmin Xinneng Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Miao Xiaoyu, Vice President Ma Zhirong, Wang Zhipeng, Deputy General Manager of Product Development Lian Gongqing, Zhu Mingfei, Chairman of Socool Technology, Yan Lei, Deputy General Manager, and Wang Pengfei, Sales Director attended the signing ceremony.

Cooperation contract

  Within the scope of smart pensions, we will carry out all-round cooperation on the wisdom and endowment of the Internet of Things products and information solutions to jointly promote the business development of both parties.


Strong alliance

    China Energy Alliance has an industry-leading level in the energy IoT product planning and overall solutions and Nanjing Socool Technology in the smart solutions for the elderly information in the overall solution.The two parties cooperate to realize the advantages of complementing each other, mutual benefit, and common development. They will carry out all-round exchanges and cooperation in areas such as smart pension, and focus on the core values ​​of customers to jointly build the ecosystem of the Internet of Things.

So Cool Technology

Make the management of pension services easier!

Nanjing Suoku Information Technology Co., Ltd.Founded in October 2012, it is a city operator that integrates medical and health information networking solutions, elderly health management, rehabilitation services, home care services, and medical care integration services.So Cool Technology is China's leader in intelligence, health, and retirement information.

So Cool Technology provides mature information solutions for government agencies, pension institutions (welfare homes, nursing homes, nursing homes, nursing homes, senior apartments, etc.), home and community care centers, hospitals, retirement homes and other elderly care service providers and groups., is China's first intelligent endowment networking application demonstration project construction unit.

Socool Technology follows the development strategy of “One Body, Two Wings, and Three Fusions” and has established holding subsidiaries in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Chengdu to initially complete the nationwide strategic development layout.



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