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Why is the happiness index of the elderly in this small county?

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Jiangsu is the province with the highest rate of aging in the country, and there is a large difference between urban and rural population aging.In the rural areas of northern Jiangsu, a large number of laborers are migrant workers, leaving empty nesters and even empty nest villages to be serious. The aging population of resident population is serious.

The most fashionable forms of endowment such as medical care and integration, retirement complex, and home-based pension service center have covered the first-tier and second-tier cities. Can the county's aged care system, which is increasingly serious in population aging, meet more and more diverse pension needs?On May 21st, the reporter interviewed in Sheyang County, northern Jiangsu Province, found that high-standard, high-targeted, and highly-targeted medical care and integration pension service system has begun to take shape here.

The number of old-age nursing homes has reached the "national standard" two years in advance

Into the elderly care home in Qianqiu Town, Wang Grandma said to reporters happily: “We are really happy for the elderly. We drink a glass of milk provided by the government for free every day. We have to eat, have time, have fun, and have money to use.."

In accordance with local government requirements, since the beginning of last October, Wubao elderly people living in nursing homes have enjoyed a “cup of milk” daily for free."One cup of milk" project funds have been included in the county budget.All the nursing homes are specifically responsible for inspecting the production date and status of milk and the inspection report for each batch of products to ensure that the supply is not disconnected; milk is given to the elderly after heating in winter and spring.

Sheyang is a large agricultural county. As of the end of last year, the total population of the county was 960,100, among which the number of elderly people over 60 years of age reached 215,000. Of every 100 people, there were 22 old people.

To actively respond to the problem of aging, Sheyang has made every effort to promote the construction of home-based care service centers, multi-layered private pension institutions, and high-level planning and construction of public pension institutions.So far, 29 local pension institutions have been established, of which 9 are privately run and 2 are privately run; the county has 8,415 elderly beds, 39.6 beds per 1,000 old people, and it has basically reached the Ministry of Civil Affairs.The number of elderly people in bed should reach 40.

The county-level old-age care facilities that had just been commissioned in May this year have reached the leading level in the province and North Jiangsu.The 85-acre public-owned pension facility with a total construction area of ​​57,000 square meters and a total investment of 280 million yuan will be open to the elderly in the county.

There are five functional areas such as medical rehabilitation area, nursing area, nursing area, apartment area, and comprehensive service area. It supports the branches, training centers, leisure parks, fitness squares, and gateball fields of senior universities.Needs.

"Home Gate" pension is more convenient

The data shows that the elderly who are currently willing to stay in institutions to support the elderly are mainly concentrated in the disability stage of senior citizens, accounting for a very small proportion. 98% of the elderly choose to provide for the aged at home. The day care center at the “doorstep” is indispensable.

The Red Sun Day Care Center in Hongya Community, Hede Town, Sheyang County is a hub-type community home care institution.Old people in the 830-square-meter center can play chess, rehabilitate, eat and dance, draw and draw... This kind of one-stop service community “pension complex” is very popular and can radiate the central area of ​​the county.The vast majority of elderly home.

For the single-dwelling, empty-nest, and disabled half-disabled elderly in the suburban area, the Sheyanggang Economic Development Zone has also invested 1.5 million yuan to build an area of ​​640 square meters, meeting the needs of the elderly for dietary supplies, life care, health and rehabilitation, and recreation.Mulberry Love Day Care Center for the Elderly.

According to statistics, there are 239 home-based care centers for the elderly and two day care centers for the elderly, and they are striving to increase the coverage of village-level home care service centers to 100%.

With the hardware facilities, software services cannot be vague.Locally, the old-age service information platform and home-based pension service are handed over to the market for operation, and Shanghai Yinkang and other chain institutions are introduced to replicate the standardized service models in first-tier and second-tier cities.

Medical Integration Early Planning

After several years of exploration, the pension industry has formed a consensus - the need for medical rehabilitation for the disabled and semi-disabled elderly is the "just needed" for future retirement.

Therefore, Sheyang County's high starting point planning, the first to establish county-level nursing homes, has 100 beds, first of all, special care recipients, low-protection families with disability, semi-disabled elderly as the focus of care, assume the government's supporting function.Nursing homes include Rehabilitation, Internal Medicine, Surgery, Laboratory, B-ultrason, ECG, and other departments.In addition, another nursing home for more than 200 beds is under planning.

The local government also encourages social capital to invest in the construction of township aged care homes.The New Hometown and Changdang Town Home for the Aged explored the "Opening Office" to open the hospital's medical office, which originally provided services for the government's five-guarantee support, to the entire region, and the extra beds were socialized.Elderly people with medical needs in neighboring rural areas can all stay in and improve the efficiency and economic efficiency of idle assets.

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