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Vice President Wang Cun Leads Jiangsu Pension Industry Cooperation Delegation to Visit Japan

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From April 20th to April 24th, Vice Chairman Wang Cun of the Chinese delegation visited the Japan Pension Industry Cooperation Delegation to visit Japan and visited the Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Japan-China Economic and Trade Center, the Japan Trade Promotion Agency, and held in-depth discussions with the relevant person in charge of the organization., Conducted interactive exchanges on the successful practices of business association operations and reached a series of extensive consensus on cooperation.With the strong support of the Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the elderly companies in our province have established business connections with relevant organizations and companies in the Japanese pension industry.The delegation visited the 2018 Japanese Aged Well-Being Exhibition and the Five Renren Rehabilitation Hospitals and Rehabilitation Centers of the Xiren Huifu Group, and highlighted the 2018 Jiangsu International Endowment Expo and the China International Import Expo.During the visit to Japan, President Wang also made a special trip to China's economic and trade representative office in Japan, and extended sympathy to Comrade Zhang Zhongxiang, our representative.

Entrepreneur representatives of the delegation are high-ranking administrators and presidents of the people's nutrition institutions in our province.Through this visit, they have the opportunity to directly interact and exchange with Japanese companies, to learn about Japan's diverse aging products, advanced nursing facilities and technical experience, and to investigate Japan’s mature hierarchical medical treatment and hospital referral system.Medical care and integration, etc., to investigate the management mode, charging mode, clinic settings, staffing, medical insurance, and nursing care insurance for rehabilitation hospitals and nursing homes.The concept and details of the nursing home in Japan, the humanistic care for the elderly, and the investment in equipment purchases have left a deep impression on the entrepreneurs of our province. It is well worth learning from.

The delegation had a tight travel schedule, rich contents of visits, and highly efficient and practical activities. It achieved the expected results of the visit and achieved a good result of the visit.


The Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry organized more than 10 companies to exchange ideas with our delegation.During the meeting, Mr. Kenji Imamura, vice chairman of the China Chamber of Commerce of the Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry, gave a detailed presentation on the work of the conference in promoting regional economic development, and on the degree of population aging in Japan and Osaka, and the promotion platform for Japan-China cooperation on aging industries.The situation was highlighted.The delegation of Jiangsu introduced in detail the basic situation of the Jiangsu Provincial Council for the Promotion of International Trade, the aging situation in Jiangsu Province, and the development of the aging industry. The delegation also highlighted the 2018 Jiangsu Fair and the China International Import Expo, hoping that both parties will further expand their ageingIndustrial cooperation.Representatives of entrepreneurs from China and Japan made separate presentations on areas in which they wished for cooperation. After the meeting, they conducted one-to-one in-depth exchanges on pension industry investment, pension education, nursing home building design, and supplies for the elderly.


The Japan Youth Welfare Exhibition includes four themes of barrier-free facilities, elderly chronic medicine and management, elderly care, and home-based care. It is exhibited in six galleries, attracted more than 300 exhibitors, and attracted 100,000 visitors.

At the exhibition site, the delegation carefully visited and inspected Japan’s advanced nursing facilities and technical experience to understand and experience Japan’s rich elderly products on the ground.In addition, it also conducted in-depth exchanges with Jiangsu exhibitors participating in the exhibition and promoted the exhibition of the medical industry and the 2018 Jiangsu Old Fair.Jiangsu Yuyue indicated that the wheelchairs produced by the company have met the requirements of the Japanese market in terms of technology and product quality, but they want to enter nursing homes or use them personally. They all need to go through the channels of local agents. Through this exhibition they have met a certain number of people.Agents will cooperate in the future.The other three Jiangsu enterprises mainly produce consumable medical products such as diapers and non-woven fabrics. They also stated that Japan has a high degree of aging and great market potential. Participation in the exhibition is the only choice for entering the Japanese pension market.Four Jiangsu companies have expressed that they will actively pay attention to the exhibition company's full range of medical industry exhibition projects, and will actively participate in the 2018 Jiangsu Old Fair.


The company is divided into two parts: medical corporations and social welfare corporations. The medical corporations mainly include Xiyuanshan Hospital and Xirenhui Rehabilitation Hospital. The social welfare corporations have nursing homes, nursing homes, dementia centers, home support centers for the elderly.Wait.At present, Japan has formed a relatively mature medical referral system, that is, starting from the onset of the elderly, according to the degree of recovery to stay in the hospital, rehabilitation hospital (center), nursing home/nursing center/home care service center.It can be seen from this that the Xiren Group has already formed a relatively complete medical pension system and the elderly can complete various needs such as treatment, rehabilitation, and retirement within the group.


The Xirenhui Group was invited by the co-organizers of the Jiangsu Old Fair last year to participate in related forums and achieved the desired results.The group paid great attention to this delegation led by the president Wang. Mr. Gu, the director of the company, accompanied the whole tour.The delegation visited the hospitals, rehabilitation hospitals, nursing homes, nursing homes and dementia centers of the group and conducted in-depth exchanges on related issues.



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