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The Signing Ceremony of the Nanjing Retirement Apartment Project of Junyou Holiday Pension Group was Held in Nanjing

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On the morning of January 11th, the signing ceremony for the Nanjing Retirement Apartment Project of Junyou Holiday Pension Group was held in Ning, which indicates that the business of pension and nursing services will be fully upgraded, and at the same time it will open a new chapter in easing the demand for old-age care services.


At the signing ceremony, Zhao Cailin, head of Nanjing Jinyan Gongfang Real Estate Co., Ltd., and Zhang Lianqin, chairman of Junyou Group, expressed the sincerity of this cooperation and established a long-term cooperation with a good vision.Since then, the two leaders have signed strategic cooperation agreements on behalf of both companies.

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The Junyou Group Nanjing Pension Apartment Project is located at No. 100, Yanjing Road, Qixia District, Nanjing. It has a beautiful environment, beautiful scenery, rich culture, rich culture, and convenient transportation. A number of BRT lines surround the city and are adjacent to the soon-to-be-built subway.Dingjiazhuang Station is the best place for the elderly to maintain their health, old age, convalescence, leisure and summer heat.

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It is understood that Junyou Group is very cautious about the location of this base.Before signing the contract, the project department conducted a comprehensive inspection of the area and invited relevant professionals to conduct on-site assessments.

The project covers an area of ​​about 5,000 square meters and is planned to be built into a new high-end maintenance and rehabilitation service center integrating leisure travel, vacation health, rehabilitation and medical treatment, medical care, and off-site pension.And equipped with a full range of home appliances, love nurses station, barrier-free access, reading room, chess room, KTV, table tennis, leisure halls and other facilities, and will sign green emergency services with the hospital to provide security for the elderly.Medicinal conditioning, Chinese medicine, foot bath, rehabilitation therapy, contribute to the health of the elderly.Regularly carry out various cultural and recreational activities such as square dancing, aerobics, choir, calligraphy and painting, and meet the needs of the elderly in daily care, spiritual culture and other aspects.Specialist nutritionists and experienced chefs will also be hired to formulate therapeutic diet regimens based on the characteristics of the four seasons regimen and the elderly, enhance the immunity of the elderly, improve the quality of life, and prolong their lives.Really realize the combination of old-age care and medical care.




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