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The People's Daily published a letter from Jiangsu Dongtai readers: The lack of nursing care personnel

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What if the old man is ill or disabled?Pension care workers are an indispensable force for nursing homes, home care and hospitals. They mainly take care of the elderly, care for common diseases, counseling for the elderly, psychological care, and rehabilitation and health care for common old age diseases.With the continuous increase of old-age care institutions and nursing homes, and the continuous improvement of old-age care facilities and equipment, the “bottleneck” that affects the development of China’s old-age care industry lies in the lack of professional human resources that directly serve the elderly.

It is understood that the current number of elderly care workers in China is not high, professional quality is not high.Although many colleges and universities, especially higher vocational colleges, run schools to recruit old-age care services and management personnel, most of them are cold. In addition, due to labor intensity, wage levels, and social recognition, graduates of pension services and management areThe loss rate of first-line care and maintenance posts remains high.Numerous shortages of quality and quality of care for elderly care workers have become increasingly prominent, and they are far from meeting the needs of the aging society.

The root cause of the large gap lies in the unsound and unclear professional planning of the nursing care workers and the inadequacy of the industry access system, the inconsistent standard of the training mode, and the lack of relevant incentive mechanisms, resulting in low social recognition and difficulty in enrollment and practice.It is suggested that qualified colleges or vocational schools should set up “caregiver” specialties, develop occupational nurse division development plans, and standards for occupational care nurses and industry access systems.For example, to standardize the professional training model for “caregivers” in colleges and universities, vigorously carry out transfer training for nursing staff at the grassroots level, continuing education in the post, and train qualified old-age care workers through multiple channels; establish incentive mechanisms for caregivers for elderly care, and provide salary and retirement benefits., Continuing education, protection of rights and interests, job title appraisal and appointment, etc., and to broaden the career development path for elderly care workers; encourage local governments to set up special posts in accordance with relevant regulations; recruit outstanding professional and technical talents to work in grassroots pension service agencies;Level, enhance professional appeal.

Let more professional elderly caregivers really act as "family doctors" and "nanny" for the elderly, so that they can recruit, retain, and settle down, and provide them with adequate and zero-distance health care.service.

Source: People's Daily

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