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Suzhou Xiangcheng district old-age care agency operation management platform completed its on-line work and was officially put into use

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The Xiangcheng District Civil Affairs Bureau of Suzhou commissioned Sugon Information Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. to complete the on-line operation of the old-age care operation and management platform. At the same time, it covers 9 old-age institutions in Xiangcheng District, and the nursing information system (NIS) of the old-age institution is officially established.Put into use!

Xiangcheng District Pension Institution Operation Management Platform

The civil affairs bureau of Xiangcheng District of Suzhou formed the entire district-level smart pension information platform through the application of the operation and management platform for the pension institutions, and completed the ecologicalization of the informationization construction of the district's aged care institutions.

Realize the internal operation and management of pension institutions, statistics of elderly population, data upload, application for subsidies, and rating and other services; the Bureau of Civil Affairs can quickly perform data analysis, subsidy review, and issuance of approvals. At the same time, it conducts safety monitoring of pension institutions and guarantees pension institutions.The service will enable the elderly in the district's pension institutions to enjoy quality services.

Xiangcheng District Civil Affairs Aged Care Organization Provides Unified Management Platform Training

Unified distribution of training materials

Pension service operation management platform

Statistical analysis of data visualization

Sogotech's old-age care operation and management platform is based on the e-government external network of the city and establishes a “digital civil affairs” information integrated management platform from the aspects of intelligence, informatization and other technologies to meet the needs of the civil affairs department's endowment business management and achieve information sharing and businessCollaboration, connecting up with the Civil Affairs Bureau in the vertical direction, and down through all the pension institutions in the jurisdiction, providing a unified platform for the processing and data transmission of the civil government's “wisdom care” business.

Decision support

The comprehensive platform for smart pensions provides decision-making assistance for civil affairs departments, such as the distribution of subsistence allowances, subsidies, the distribution, structure, types, growth trends, and pension patterns of the elderly;


To apply for, review, approve, issue, and supervise the district-level civil affairs system for various types of government-related purchase services and government subsidies;

Intelligent collection

Intelligent management for the civil affairs department to achieve information management and data statistics for the elderly in the region;

Institution management

Provides full-cycle business management such as check-in, residence, service, and retirement for district pension institutions; supervision and supervision of district civil servants on pension services;

Convenience services

Provide district residents' pension institutions with convenient services such as consultation, bed enquiries, service items, and service contents; provide real-time services for multiple channels (website, WeChat, APP, and telephone);

About So Cool Technology:


Nanjing Sooke Information Technology Co., Ltd. was established in October 2012. It is a city operator that integrates medical and health information networking solutions, elderly health management, rehabilitation services, home care services, and medical care integration services.So Cool Technology is China's leader in intelligence, health, and retirement information.

So Cool Technology provides mature information solutions for government agencies, pension institutions (welfare homes, nursing homes, nursing homes, nursing homes, senior apartments, etc.), home and community care centers, hospitals, retirement homes and other elderly care service providers and groups., is China's first intelligent endowment networking application demonstration project construction unit.

Socool Technology follows the development strategy of “One Body, Two Wings, and Three Fusions” and has established holding subsidiaries in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Chengdu to initially complete the nationwide strategic development layout.



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