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Nantong vigorously promotes the development of old-age businesses and industries

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In recent years, Nantong City has taken multiple measures to build a diversified pension system and created an old-age, respecting society in the society. Older people enjoy happiness in their old age.

The old-fashioned, pluralistic model meets the needs of old-age care

“The nursing home is close to home and you can go and see the elderly in the evening walk.” Hongqiao Beicun has an “embedded” old-age care institution – Ailingjiao old apartment, 91-year-old Qian Zhiheng’s youngest daughter lives on Xinjian Road, from home.When you arrive at an apartment in the old age group, it takes less than 10 minutes to truly “a distance from a bowl of soup”.Choose the community where the elderly live in relatively concentrated areas. Through the integration and transformation of idle social resources, build a community “embedded” small care institutions, which can solve the worries of careless children and care for the elderly, and also meet the old people’s desire to provide for the elderly at home, so it is veryWelcomed by the elderly and children.

Nantong City devotes a lot of effort to “having a good old age”. In 2017 alone, the city has 15 old-age care institution construction projects and plans to add 2529 old-care beds.At present, five have been completed and put into use, and the other 10 will also be put into operation before the end of the year.As of now, the city has reached 68,303 beds for the elderly.In order to enable the elderly in rural areas to enjoy high-quality elderly care services, Nantong City vigorously promoted the transformation and upgrading of rural nursing homes, and expanded various functions such as social foster care, daytime care, rehabilitation care, spiritual comfort, culture and entertainment.As a practical project for civilians, this year, the city allocates 500 nursing wheelchairs and 1,000 air conditioners for rural nursing homes, making older rural residents feel more comfortable in nursing homes.

In addition to making nursing homes more liveable, Nantong City

The community aged care service network has been continuously improved, and the results of the diversified pension model have begun to show.By September of this year, 120 community home care service centers (stations) in the city had reached the standardization level. The total number of day-care helpdesks for the elderly reached 534, and the function of day care services for urban communities in all counties (cities) was realized.cover.A group of professional elderly care service companies such as Shanghai Ankangtong and Lokci have entered the pension market in Nantong City, and more than 1,000 franchised companies have provided home-based pension services to provide more professional home-based pension services for the elderly.

Old music, Let the light of art shine into the old age

“In the fall, a younger sister in the forest seems to have just emerged...” In the afternoon of November 24th, 76-year-old Shen Wenjuan rehearsed the “Dream of Red Mansions” in the city’s senior citizen activity center with several Shaoxing opera fans.“This place is really good. Every week, we have to come to several times to sing opera and go to class. I don’t know how happy I am.” Shen Wenjuan is a retired employee of an electronics company. He participated in flower breeding, tea ceremony, and mobile photography at the center.It was also learned the use of computers and smart phones with the help of the center's teacher.Open WeChat and chat with children, open the computer on demand favorite classic Yue Opera video, and sometimes with other ticket friends to participate in the center's performance, Shen Wenjuan's retirement life flies gusto.

With the improvement of living standards, more and more elderly people are no longer satisfied with a simple and boring lifestyle. Instead, they are pursuing a high-quality life with an optimistic and healthy attitude towards life.In Nantong, elderly people can be seen everywhere, play chess at community centers, or dance with many friends. There are also many senior citizens who “play their part” in the community and can not only entertain themselves but also help others..

According to Wang Guoping, director of the Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau and director of the Aging Office, the city has continued to build the Nantong elderly cultural brand in order to enrich the old age of the elderly.The Nantong Longevity Culture and Art campaign organised by the Municipal Office for Ageing this year is centered on the theme of “Xiaoxing Nantong Old Le Jianghai”. It organizes 21 activities from the three aspects of performing arts performances for the elderly, competitive training, and exhibitions to provide diversity for the elderly.The art display platform will further build the Nantong Changshou cultural brand.The Municipal Committee for the Aging organized the “Celebration of the Style of the Nineteen Silver Ages.” Nantong City celebrated the 31st remembrance day performances to show the elegance of the elderly, enrich the spirit and cultural life of the elderly, and actively build a strong old ageSocial atmosphere.

The sunset is red Jianghai earth blowing wind respect the old wind

As the first “longevity capital of the world”, Nantong is a famous longevity town, and the longevity phenomenon is increasingly attracting attention at home and abroad.By the end of last year, the number of senior citizens registered in the city had reached 2.15 million, accounting for 28.03% of the total population. Older people over 80 years of age had reached 361,100, and those with more than 100 years of age had 1,130."Enjoying the old age" is the most direct expression of social happiness for the majority of the elderly.

Nantong City attaches great importance to the development of old-age career development policy planning system, and the “13th Five-Year Plan” for the development of old-age undertakings has provided a road map for the city to actively respond to the aging of the population and further promote the good and fast development of old-age businesses and industries.

In recent years, Nantong City has introduced preferential policies for the elderly and carefully implemented them. The government-sponsored public welfare cultural facilities such as parks, sports and fitness venues are open to the elderly free of charge; elderly persons over 65 years of age (including the elderly in other places)Enjoy free use of city buses and other preferential services; the city's 80-year-old old age senior old age pension system is fully established; comprehensive insurance for the elderly comprehensive accident insurance, the current number of elderly people in the city reached 661.3 thousand people.

Combining with the aging population development situation in Nantong and the actual work of old age, the successful holding of the elderly, advanced counties (cities), district competitions, and health and longevity expo has not only enabled the benefit of the old policy and old service measures to be effectively implemented but also promoted.The city’s aging business and industry continued to develop healthily.

This year, Nantong Sunny Apartment, etc.4Units wonNational Civilization for the ElderlyMa Cuilan et al.9The individual was elected nationalRespect for the elderly11Units wonProvincial honoring civilization number30Unit namedMunicipal Civilization for the Elderly.Through typical propaganda, the whole society has aroused enthusiasm for respecting the elderly and further stimulated it. The atmosphere of respecting the elderly, the elderly and the elderly has grown stronger, and the good situation of caring for the elderly and supporting the cause of aging has been further developed.



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