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Nanjing rated 317 home care centers

Views: 0     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-01-15      Origin: Jinling Evening News

In Nanjing, the old-age pension is the overwhelming majority of the old-age care. Most of the elderly in Nanjing choose to provide for the elderly in the home and the community for the elderly.Recently, the Nanjing Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau conducted a grading assessment of the community home-based care service center in Nanjing. Zijinshan reporter learned from the Nanjing Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau that the Civil Affairs Bureau has released a list of residential care centers for resident families aged AAA or above in Nanjing.The "star" home care service center has launched a variety of services for the elderly.

Zijinshan reporter learned that Nanjing has a total of 317 residential care centers for the elderly at or above the AAA level, including 11 AAAAA grades, 29 AAAA grades, and 277 AAA grades.

The reporters saw that the 11 grades in the 5A class are: Drum Tower District Bringing Talent to the Home to Help the Elderly and Convenience Service Center, Xuanwu District Xinjiekou Street Yuexin Home Aged Service Center, and Qinhuai District Wulao Village Street Huaihai Road Community Home Aged Service CenterHua), Qinhuai District Zhengyang Home Care Service Center, Qinhuai District Yuehua Qinhong Home Care Service Center, Gulou District Tailejun Rest Home Aged Service Center, Drum Tower District Mintuoxin Senior Service Center, Yuhuatai District Gushejing Community YuexinHome Care Service Center, Qixia District Wangzilou Community Home Care Service Station (Yaofangmen Rainbow Social Work Service Center, Nanjing), Jiangmu District Humu Street Xumu Community Township Home Care Service Center, Jiangning District Qilin Street Yuanjiabian CommunityHome care service station.

What are the criteria for rating a home care center?It is understood that last year's assessment standards have undergone some new changes over the previous year.The reporter learned from the Nanjing Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau that the area of ​​use of the AAAAA-class community home-based care center has been adjusted to more than 700 square meters.In the service project, the main items of the community home-based pension service are: assisting the meal, helping the bath, assisting in cleanliness, helping the emergency, assisting the doctor, nursing, visiting, assisting, assisting in purchases, helping in music, helping the students, helping students, and setting up an old-age bed for the familyThere are 14 services such as spiritual solace, among which AAA, AAAA, and AAAAA-level community home-based care centers have at least 6, 8, and 10 service projects.



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