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"Medicine and health care" integration! Jiangsu's first old-age rehabilitation hospital settled in Qixia, will be two-way referral with Zhong Shan Nursing Park!

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How to relieve the pressure of the hospital's elderly chronic disease treatment bed?

How to solve the hospital is not suitable for the elderly, nursing homes inconvenient problems?

With the advent of an aging society,

The elderly have higher and higher requirements for the quality of their old age.

The old man says "Medical integration"The demand is also growing.

In theQiqu District Maqun Street169numberof

Jiangsu Zhongshan Zhongshan Elderly Rehabilitation Hospital

(Jiangsu Provincial People's Hospital Zhongshan Rehabilitation Branch)

Old people not only seek medical treatment,

It can also be opened soon.Zhong Shan Supporting GardenTwo-way referral.

The first elderly professional rehabilitation hospital in the province

Settled in Qixia Horse Group

On December 30, 2017, Jiangsu Zhong Shan Geriatric Rehabilitation Hospital was formally launched. It is the first senior professional rehabilitation hospital in the province and the provincial Zhongshan Provincial People's Hospital.

Jiangsu Zhongshan Geriatric Rehabilitation Hospital is a non-profit professional rehabilitation hospital jointly established by Jiangsu Zhongshan Vocational and Technical College and Jiangsu Provincial People's Hospital.

The hospital tookMedical, nursing, treatment, maintenance, and health as one of the overall rehabilitation mode operation, focusing on elderly common diseases, the hospital has a neurological rehabilitation ward, bone and chronic disease rehabilitation ward, comprehensive rehabilitation ward and outpatient clinic, respectively, dental, ophthalmology, otorhinolaryngology outpatient and pharmacy, inspection, radiology and ultrasound diagnosis.


The hospital set up a bed100Zhang, the second phase will also add300-500Bedding.

The hospital was run as a provincial People's Hospital Zhongshan rehabilitation branch5In the year, we focused on the overall rehabilitation of elderly patients. The integrated rehabilitation, standardization, and internationalized rehabilitation quality management concepts for medicine, nursing, and management provide a good experience for patients at home and abroad.

“I have lived here for more than a year. The functional rehabilitation has been very effective. If I am in a professional hospital, it is impossible to occupy the bed for a long time.” Mr. Wang from the field of myelitis patients said that the treatment and nursing staff of the elderly specialist hospitalAll have strong pertinence and professionalism.

Professor Li Jian'an, Dean of the Zhongshan Senior Rehabilitation Hospital, said that at present, aging is becoming a major social challenge. There are more than 17 million elderly people in Jiangsu, and more than 2.7 million elderly people aged 80 and older. The elderly have a large recovery base and complex needs.The independent rehabilitation hospital set up specifically for the elderly is still blank in the province.

Rehabilitation+Preventive health care

It is the positioning of Jiangsu Zhong Shan Geriatric Rehabilitation Hospital.

According to reports, the rehabilitation assessment and training equipment of the team of rehabilitation medical treatment, treatment, nursing and engineering of Zhong Shan Geriatric Rehabilitation Hospital is in an advanced position in China.

Industry hospital and nursing home "joint"

"The aging is becoming a major challenge for China. The contradiction between the elderly care service providers and medical institutions is not close enough, the hospitals are not suitable for old-age care, and the nursing homes are inconvenient for contravention." said Professor Li Jian'an, Dean of Zhongshan Senior Rehabilitation Hospital.Pensioning is not just giving the elderly a bed, but giving them a home.The new service model should integrate home, old-age care and nursing to break existing administrative barriers.

It is understood that Zhong Shan Nursing Home, an old-age care institution opened by the Zhongshan Vocational and Technical College, will also officially open its doors in recent days.

The pension facility is built around the mountain, each building3—5Layers ranging from high to low.Different from the general pension institution's hotel and ward style, the structure and facilities of the nursing home are completely in accordance with the needs of the elderly, including bedroom, living room, bathroom and kitchen..

Wisdom Pension

High-tech elements abound

The installation of the internet health detection video system at the door glass mirror not only records the brushing time of the elderly, but also diagnoses the elderly's daily physical condition through facial videos.

The toilet is equipped with a liftable toilet, which can help the elderly with a bad knee to take care of themselves;

Plastic mats imported from Germany can allow elderly people in wheelchairs to take a bath.......

Zhong Shan Nursing Park and Australia's century-old brand of aged care servicesRoyal District Nursing ServiceCooperation, the use of international advanced management services and ideas for the elderly to provide comprehensive, all-weather, personalized, personalized service.



Medical care combination

Two-way referral

In addition, the sick and ill will be transferred to the Zhongshan University and the Provincial People's Hospital.Zhongshan rehabilitation branchTreatment; After the loss of self-care ability is assessed, it will go toZhongshan rehabilitation nursing homeThere are professional care workers around the clock.

The nursing home has been built250Set of pension apartments, respectively100Square meters60Square meters and40Square-sized junior suites. 


Hospitals, nursing homes on campus

Medical, education, educationIntegrated mode can be copied

Pension agency+Talent+Rehabilitation hospital

Qixia Maqun Street169number

Zhongshan Vocational and Technical College

become The first in the province

Integrating schooling, raising, health, and medicine

Professional pension and referral base.

It is worth noting that Zhong Shan Nursing Park is linked to the corridor between the Jiangsu Zhong Shan Vocational and Technical College Teaching Building and the Jiangsu Zhong Shan Geriatric Rehabilitation Hospital. While undergraduates are engaged in professional studies, the practical lesson is to be a care worker.

Chen Yi, chairman of the Jiangsu Zhongshan Vocational and Technical College, said that by moving the hospitals and nursing homes into the campuses, medical students will realize "bedside teaching" and old-age professional realization of "nursing home teaching" to complete professionalization.The market-based exploration of the integrated model of "medical, support, and education."

Chen Yi introduced that the allocation of nursing and nursing care professionals in Zhongshan College accounts for more than one-third of all disciplines. There are nearly 1,000 graduates each year. They can take up all-round practice elderly care in the final year of their studies, and they can accumulate wealth when they graduate.Care experience.While young people provide professional services for the elderly, the elderly also dissolve loneliness and depression in the intervention and companionship of young people.

Qixia District60Aged above the age of9.8Ten thousandPeople, about the household population20%

In order to actively respond to the ever-growing population aging problem, innovate the form of health care services, expand the connotation of old-age care services, meet the health needs of the elderly population, and improve the ability to serve the elderly, Qixia District followsGovernment-led, policy-led, multi-measures, multi-promotionThe way of thinking and methods, actively promote the combination of medical care and rehabilitation, and initially completed the constructionHome-based, community-based, institution-based, and highly-integrated medical care systemAchieved initial results.

The district has established a three-tier network of district, street, and community home care service centers (stations), set up a regional smart pension information platform and district virtual nursing homes, and the community home care service stations have achieved full coverage.

At present, the district has built an old-age care institution with medical rehabilitation functions.6Home, transition from medical institutions to retirement care3Home, signing contract medical home care service center32The family actively explores and implements the family doctor model, so that the combination of medical treatment and nursing services can enter the community and enter the family.



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