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Last year, the number of social organizations in our country reached 803,000, a ten-year high

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A few days ago, the "Chinese Social Organization Report" (2018) Blue Paper Conference and Symposium sponsored by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences was held in Beijing.The theme of the conference was "China Social Organization in the New Era: New Orientation and New Development", centering on "the social organization's own positioning and relations with the government," "social organization and social innovation," "positioning and challenges of China's social organizations going out," etc.Conducted a study.More than 100 people from national social organizations, universities and research institutes attended the conference.

According to relevant data released by the Ministry of Civil Affairs and the China Social Network, in 2017 China’s social organizations reached 803,000, an increase of 14.3% over the previous year, and the growth rate reached a 10-year high.According to Professor Cai Liqiang, chief editor of the “Report of China Social Organization” (2018), the rapid growth of social organizations in 2017 was mainly due to three aspects: First, the direct registration policy of social organizations has been implemented in a wider range and to a greater degree;It is the continuous deepening of the reform of the “distribution service” in the field of social organizations, optimizing the development environment for social organizations; the third is the continuous improvement of the degree of recognition, acceptance and demand of social organizations.

Source: People's Daily

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