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Jiangsu Standardization Pension Appears in Beijing Old Fair

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Recently, the opening ceremony of the 7th China International Endowment Services Expo and the 7th China International Forum on the Development of International Endowment Services were held at the Beijing National Convention Center.More than 300 social organizations, brand organizations and technical product companies from more than 20 countries and regions participated in the exhibition; during the same period, the 7th China Forum for the Development of Senior Care Services and 14 sub-forums and related activities were held.Changsha Weiwei, deputy director of the Provincial Civil Affairs Department, represented the Jiangsu Provincial Civil Affairs Department at the opening ceremony and the main forum.The 28 old-age care institutions in Jiangsu organized a delegation to participate in the exhibition to demonstrate the achievements of the standardization of the old-age care institutions in our province.

Our province is the first district in the province to implement standardization of pension institutions.At present, 29 old-age care institutions in the province have been included in the pilot project of the standardization of old-age care institutions of the China Society for Social Welfare and Elderly Care. The service quality has been significantly improved.The province has issued a series of endowment service standardization results such as the provision of care services for the elderly, home delivery, and elderly care services, which have been unanimously endorsed by the national pension service industry.In the next step, the province will start a three-year cycle of assessment and long-term management of the elderly care institutions in Jiangsu Province by improving the service quality of the care institutions for the aged, and further standardize the service management of pension institutions through standardization to improve the service quality of the care institutions.Improve the service satisfaction of pension institutions.

Source: Jiangsu Provincial Civil Affairs Office official website



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