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Japanese companies plan to expand nursing care for elderly patients with dementia in China

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According to Singapore’s “Lianhe Zaobao” report on December 28th, Nichii Gakkan, Japan’s largest nursing enterprise, began to launch a residential-specific nursing service for people with Alzheimer’s disease in China, striving to achieve the fiscal year 2018 (as of 2019).Before the month of the month, it achieved profitability in China. Before fiscal year 2020 (as of March 2021), sales in China increased to 10 times today, reaching 20 billion yen (approximately RMB 1.156 billion).

According to the Nihon Keizai Shimbun report, the Japan Medical Center will use the experience of operating a “collective rehabilitation home” for dementia patients in Japan, and strive to relieve the symptoms of dementia through common life and develop the care of patients with dementia into the pillars of the nursing business in China.

In mid-December, the Japan Medical Museum opened a first 23-bed facility in Beijing for the wealthy. The monthly cost is more than 400,000 yen (RMB 23,000).It will also expand related businesses in other major cities such as Shanghai and Guangzhou. It plans to open offices near the facility, conduct pre-existing home care and day care operations, and will build multiple services in the same area.system.

The Japan Medical Museum successively acquired Chinese companies and began providing home care services in China in April 2016.However, China generally relies on nursing care for nannies, and the Japan Medical Center fails to obtain demand smoothly.The operating profit or loss for the 2016 fiscal year (as of March 2017) was a loss of 1.4 billion yen.

According to the report, with the rapid aging of China, the Japan Medical Museum further expands its business in China.According to surveys, the market scale of China's elderly industry will reach 22 trillion yuan by 2030.Although there are predictions that Japan will reach 18.7 trillion yen in 2025, the scale of the two will be very different.



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