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  • 05-24
    Last year, the number of social organizations in our country reached 803,000, a ten-year high
    A few days ago, the "Chinese Social Organization Report" (2018) Blue Paper Conference and Symposium sponsored by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences was held in Beijing.The theme of the conference was "China Social Organization in the New Era: New Orientation and New Development", centering on "the social organization's own positioning and relations with the government," "social organization and social innovation," "positioning and challenges of China's social organizations going out," etc.Conducted a study.More than 100 people from national social organizations, universities and research institutes attended the conference.According to relevant data released by the Ministry of Civil Affairs and the China Social Network, in 2017 China’s social organizations reached 803,000, an increase of 14.3% over the previous year, and the growth rate reached a 10-year high.According to Professor Cai Liqiang, executive editor of the "China Social Organization Report" (2018), the rapid growth of social organizations in 2017 was mainly due to three aspects: First, the direct registration policy of social organizations has been implemented in a wider range and to a greater extent; Read More »
  • 05-24
    Jiangsu Standardization Pension Appears in Beijing Old Fair
    Recently, the opening ceremony of the 7th China International Endowment Services Expo and the 7th China International Forum on the Development of International Endowment Services were held at the Beijing National Convention Center.More than 300 social organizations, brand organizations and technical product companies from more than 20 countries and regions participated in the exhibition; during the same period, the 7th China Forum for the Development of Senior Care Services and 14 sub-forums and related activities were held.Changsha Weiwei, deputy director of the Provincial Civil Affairs Department, represented the Jiangsu Provincial Civil Affairs Department at the opening ceremony and the main forum.The 28 old-age care institutions in Jiangsu organized a delegation to participate in the exhibition to demonstrate the achievements of the standardization of the old-age care institutions in our province.Our province is the first district in the province to implement standardization of pension institutions.At present, 29 old-age care institutions in the province have been included in the pilot project of the standardization of old-age care institutions of the China Society for Social Welfare and Elderly Care. The service quality has been significantly improved.The province has issued a number of old-age care services, home-based pension and meal delivery, and elderly care services. Read More »
  • 05-22
    Why is the happiness index of the elderly in this small county?
    Jiangsu is the province with the highest rate of aging in the country, and there is a large difference between urban and rural population aging.In the rural areas of northern Jiangsu, a large number of laborers are migrant workers, leaving empty nesters and even empty nest villages to be serious. The aging population of resident population is serious.The most fashionable forms of endowment such as medical care and integration, retirement complex, and home-based pension service center have covered the first-tier and second-tier cities. Can the county's aged care system, which is increasingly serious in population aging, meet more and more diverse pension needs?On May 21st, the reporter interviewed in Sheyang County, northern Jiangsu Province, found that high-standard, high-targeted, and highly-targeted medical care and integration pension service system has begun to take shape here.The total number of elderly nursing homes reached the "National Standard" two years ahead of time and they entered the elderly care home in Qianqiu Town. Wang Grandma said to the reporter happily: "We are very happy. We drink a cup of milk provided by the government free of charge each day. We have to eat, have a living, haveI have to play and have money to use, and the days are spent more and more happy." According to local government requirements, since last October Read More »
  • 05-11
    Establishing an Active Ageing View and Promoting the Healthy and Sustainable Development of the Elderly Care Service Industry in the New Era
    The aging of the population is a major issue facing all humankind.In response to the ageing of the population, the United Nations has established guiding ideology such as healthy aging, active aging and the principle of the elderly, among which the most important is the concept of active ageing.Based on our country’s actual conditions and drawing on international experience, our country has actively responded to the aging population’s rise to a national strategy. The 19th National Party Congress has also made new deployments, actively responded to the aging of the population, and established a policy framework and social environment for the elderly, the elderly, and the elderly.Promote the combination of medical care and health care, accelerate the development of old-age businesses and industries.The active ageing concept is not only a new idea, a new attitude, but also a new action.To establish a positive outlook on ageing, we must use a more positive attitude, more active policies, and more active behaviors to meet the challenge of population aging. In the new era, the development of the service industry for the aged must incorporate the concept of active ageing throughout the entire process.First, give fuller play to the role of the market and social forces In the vision of an active ageing concept, Western welfare states are beginning to reflect on Read More »
  • 04-24
    The People's Daily published a letter from Jiangsu Dongtai readers: The lack of nursing care personnel
    What if the old man is ill or disabled?Pension care workers are an indispensable force for nursing homes, home care and hospitals. They mainly take care of the elderly, care for common diseases, counseling for the elderly, psychological care, and rehabilitation and health care for common old age diseases.With the continuous increase of old-age care institutions and nursing homes, and the continuous improvement of old-age care facilities and equipment, the “bottleneck” that affects the development of China’s old-age care industry lies in the lack of professional human resources that directly serve the elderly.It is understood that the current number of elderly care workers in China is not high, professional quality is not high.Although many colleges and universities, especially higher vocational colleges, run schools to recruit old-age care services and management personnel, most of them are cold. In addition, due to labor intensity, wage levels, and social recognition, graduates of pension services and management areThe loss rate of first-line care and maintenance posts remains high.Numerous shortages of quality and quality of care for elderly care workers have become increasingly prominent, and they are far from being able to meet the increasingly serious aging society. Read More »
  • 04-17
    Nanjing publishes the latest version of the old-age white paper “Deep Aging” has spawned multiple pension models
    On April 13, Nanjing released the latest white paper on pension information.According to this, Nanjing's population aged above 60 years old has reached 1.4189 million, accounting for 20.85% of the total population; the proportion of elderly people aged 65 and over has exceeded 14% for the first time, indicating that Nanjing officially entered the “deep aging society” defined by the United Nations.The White Paper also selects and publishes a list of key retirement care institutions to provide "guidelines" for the multiple choices of the elderly.Nanjing entered the “Deep Ageing” for the first time. As of the end of last year, Nanjing had a registered population of 6.8067 million people, of whom more than 60 years old had reached 1.187 million, accounting for 20.85%.The aging trend is increasingly evident. The average life expectancy of Nanjing residents is 82.42 years old, of which male 80.49 and female 84.52.According to Zhao Jun, deputy director of the Nanjing Civil Affairs Bureau, according to the UN standards, over 65 percent of the elderly aged 65 or over account for more than 14 percent of the elderly. Read More »
  • 01-23
    The province issued 15 opinions on the key tasks of the elderly care services (Annex)
    Recently, the General Office of the Provincial Government issued the "Implementation Opinions on the Formulation and Implementation of Elderly Care Services Project" (Su Shih Bo Office [2018] No. 1) (hereinafter referred to as "Opinions"), which is based on the status quo of the development of Jiangsu Province and elderly care services.Starting from the service needs of the elderly, we have defined the overall requirements, basic principles, and 15 key tasks for the care services for the elderly, involving the elderly in the areas of education, music, medicine, learning, living, and entertainment. Read More »
  • 01-23
    Taking Socialist Thought of Chinese Characteristics in the New Era of Xi Jinping as the Leading Enforcement and Actively Cope with the National Strategy of Population Aging
    Population aging is a major achievement for human symbiosis and sharing in the 21st century, and it is also a major challenge facing humanity.China’s population aging opportunities are rare, and it is also a major risk test for China’s future development. Read More »
  • 01-15
    Nanjing rated 317 home care centers
    In Nanjing, the old-age pension is the overwhelming majority of the old-age care. Most of the elderly in Nanjing choose to provide for the elderly in the home and the community for the elderly. Read More »
  • 01-12
    Jiangning District, Nanjing, "Internet + nursing home" operation was effective
    On November 3, 2017, the “Internet + Home for the Aged” in the Jiangning District was formally launched to provide integrated services for the elderly, online and offline, and the operation was effective.The online service has been effectively expanded. Since the platform was put into operation for four months, 5,520 "push to talk" pagers have been installed. Read More »
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