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China will improve the system of standards for the aging industry

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      China's National Standardization Management Committee, deputy director of the Cui Gang on December 14 in Beijing, said that China will improve the aging industry standard system, integration of effective resources and information innovation industry model.

At the inauguration meeting of the China Standardization and Innovation Strategic Alliance Old Age Industry Professional Committee held on the same day, Cui Gang stated that the establishment of an ageing industry professional committee was adapted to the needs of the country and industrial development and was of positive significance for strengthening the normative development of China's aging industry.

He hoped that the Committee on Aging Industry would pool resources and build a high standard standardization cooperation platform for the aging industry. In combination with demand, he would explore in depth the current hotspots in industrial development.He also said that the National Standards Committee will vigorously support the internationalization of pensions and promote the retirement of pensioners.

In order to promote the orderly development of China's aging industry, establish and improve China's aging industry standard system, integrate information and standard resources and form an industrial technology innovation chain. On December 14, China's Standardization and Innovation Strategic Alliance “Old Industry Professional Committee” was formally established in Beijing.

Wang Zongling, vice president of the China National Institute of Standardization, stated that accelerating the standardization of the pension industry is an inevitable requirement for protecting the legitimate rights and interests of the elderly and sharing the results of reform and development.

She said that the standardization of the pension industry will accurately grasp the orientation of the professional committee for the aging industry and give full play to its role. In the near future, it will focus on the promotion of services and innovation and development.

Gao Jianzhong, secretary general of the China Association for Standardization, said at the inaugural meeting that the elderly population and industry in the new era are a century-long important topic and a major proposition. They use the vision of development, humanistic thinking, world vision, and scientific methods to deepen their thinking and research., actively practicing vigorously building and continuing to develop old age businesses and industries.

He said that promoting the standardization of the pension industry is conducive to optimizing the supply and demand of China's pension industry, strengthening the education of the elderly industry, and regulating the sustainable development of the industry.



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